The true story of the missing Medsker family from Michigan. Our story had hit Good Morning America, Nancy Grace and numerous national and international media outlets. This is our side of the story told as a warning to those who will be Left Behind after the Rapture and have to experience God’s just judgment during “the time of Jacob’s trouble” (Jer. 30:7), better known as the Great Tribulation or Tribulation.

Our story details our fleeing for our lives from the federal government, as well as documenting the police state that we live in. Yet we know within our story that this would not have happened without the chastising of God, we would not have been one of the few families that are singled out. While we suspected we were on some sort of watchlist, we watched in horror as we slowly became surrounded by spooks. Yet even in all of this God Almighty prevailed and kept us from being caught.

It seemed good for us to tell our story as a warning to those who will be Left Behind, so that they might find God, even during the midst of great turmoil throughout the world.