The goal was to provide what video footage that we had from the 2012 incident for the world to see.  We were ‘missing’ for just over three weeks and during that time our CCTV was recording, until confiscated by the police.  Unfortunately the unit was with the original hard drive of only 320GB, which only recorded approximately 5 full days worth of videos from the 4 cameras hooked up to the DVR.  However there were some gems in that video footage that would provide strong evidence.  For the past few years the hard drive was kept at an undisclosed location with an anonymous person.  

After the recent update and republication the hard drive was mailed to me.  Having ordered the hardware to pull the files off of the hard drive, the goal was to go through all of the footage pulling the clips and uploading them to this website.  With great disappointment the hard drive appears to have been wiped clean with nothing on it.  Stay tuned, there is still more to come.